Friday, June 18, 2010


At this moment everybody is watching football all over the world.Here you have everything about World Cup: vocabulary, songs, games, adverts...


-Football vocabulary (easy):

-Football vocabulary (not so easy) :

Some songs for the world cup. You can support your team and sing the songs.

-Waving flag (by K'naan):

-If you like Shakira and football this is the perfect song for you:
"Waka, waka, this time for Africa"

-Here you've got the lyrics

-And after sing songs it's time to dance: "Diski dance"

-Dancing the Diski Dance all over South Africa ( you can see different parts of the country):

-A short story for the little ones about football actions: "Can I play?
-A story about a boy and the team he supports:" My secret team"

-You can watch a handicap man talking about football and himself. If he can , you can. A different story :

OH AFRICA! Advert with Messi, Kaká, Henry....