Monday, January 4, 2016


You can learn about transports and how to ask and answer questions about transportation.


-Watch the "Muzzy vocabulary" video

-Vocabulary 1: go to "first course" and the "beginning"

-Listen the song  "We All Go Traveling By"  .This song belongs to BAREFOOT BOOKS and you can listen and watch  it in you tube.  
Hop aboard the yellow school bus as it makes its way through town. Different modes of transportation are each paired with a color in this educational and fun selection.

-Here is  another song "Transportation song" by How are you Mr. Dan. I found it in youtube and in this case you can review the transport's names and at the same time you will learn some sentences .

-click here to listen the "TRANSPORTS CHANT"

-And here is the famous song "HOW DO YOU GO TO SCHOOL? " Enjoy!
-Watch the video and listen the song "Transportation song"

-The wheels on the bus (traditional song)

This is  another youtube version of the song THE WHEELS ON THE BUS by MOTHER GOOSE  club.

-In a car (easy story)

IN BRITAINLook at the video and you can see all kinds of transports in London: