Monday, December 11, 2017


Every year you can see on English television, fantastic adverts produced by all the big companies during the Christmas campaign .Here you can see some of them:

Anna and her wolf toy, attempt to give a pink present to everyone on her Christmas gift list, including the person who deserves it the most (as he never receives presents of his own): Santa.

The action takes place on a train with Kevin spotting Katie the Carrot across a table . As Kevin makes his way across the table towards her, he dodges a dead gingerbread man.

The 2017 Sainsbury's Christmas advert squeezes every bit of Christmas into a wonderfully fun and festive song.

Raymond Briggs' classic story, The Snowman, has been updated for Barbour's nostalgic Christmas 2016 campaign.
In the film The Snowman and The Snowdog ,Bill  remembers   the time he met Father Christmas when he was a little boy .

This year you'll see Billy and his family in a different part of  their lifes .On 25 December, the family are opening presents when a knock at the door announces the arrival of The Snowman, Billy's old friend.

Paddington sees a burglar with a white beard wearing a red coat and red stocking on his head and he thinks that it is Santa . Paddington assists him in returning all of the presents back to where they belong.

Joe, a seven-year-old  boy who is kept awake by Moz, a huge , snoring under-the-bed monster with puppy dog eyes.

Christmas  2016 advert song . 

In this advert you can see a family eating at Christmas Day . 

This is  a  great Christmas  advert  . In this  case  the  main  character is  Mog, the cat . The books  were written by  Judith Kerr, who also wrote The Tiger who Came to Tea and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. She  makes a guest appearance on the advert. The  profits from sales of the book are going to Save the Children
The  story is narrated by Emma Thompson, the  wonderful  actress.

A Christmas tale with the Teddy Bear character from Harrods. 

Christmas is coming and here you have wonderful ad from John Lewis:  a story about 2 friends.