Tuesday, February 7, 2012




This is  another  LIM   activitie by  Belen Junquera 

Here are the Gruffalo's drawings that children in 4ºA class made .

Now another group of drawings . These are made by children in class 4ºC.

These are the drawings made by children in class 4ºB about the Gruffalo

Have you read The Gruffalo? It's a wonderful story about a mouse, a fox, an owl, a snake and ......THE GRUFFALO... If you like the book I now you'll love this beautiful movie . You can watch the trailer below:

The Story


(Written by Julia Donaldson)
He has terrible tusks,
and terrible toes,
and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws
He’s the Gruffalo, Gruffalo, Gruffalo.
He’s the Gruffalo!
He has nobbly knees
and turn-out toes
and a poisonous wart at the end of this nose
He’s the Gruffalo, Gruffalo, Gruffalo.
He’s the Gruffalo!
His eyes are orange,
his tongue is black,
he has purple prickles all over his back
He’s the Gruffalo, Gruffalo, Gruffalo (x2)
He’s the Grrrr Grrrr Grrr Gruffalo!
He’s the Gruffalo!


I've got a little Christmas present for you and, as I know you liked "THE GRUFFALO", here's a small clip of the story "THE GRUFFALO'S CHILD" that it was broadcast on BBC on Christmas Day. I'm sure you'll love this movie because it is so wonderful as the first one.Enjoy!

beautifully narrated


-How many mice can you catch in 30 seconds?

Friday, February 3, 2012


Learn about music , the instruments and the orchestra.


Learn the names and hear the sound of the instruments in the orchestra

More vocabulary

Click on each family of instruments and learn about them

-Which instruments is it?

Do you want to check if you know the vocabulary?Try this activity

Can you identify the correct family for each instrument?

-How much do you know about music? Play this game to see how well the animal band plays.

-Here are twelve musical instruments. Are they string, percussion or woodwind? Paint the words to put them in the right group.

-Do you like playing Hangman?Do you play a musical instrument? Can you guess the music words here?

Listen to the same music with different instruments.To add un instrument click on a musician, then on a chair .You can also change the style by clicking the conductor.Finally click play to listen the music.


-Sing and dance to the "Shakey Shakey" song with Sam and Pam. Can you pretend to be leaves, waves and trees?First, click on the eye , the ear and the book to watch , listen and read the song words

Sing and dance to the "One-man band" song with Sam and Pam. Can you clap your hands and stamp your feet?

-"We are in an orchestra" song : sing to practice the instruments

-A little bit of everything: games, videos, a story...


Read the sory of "THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN"


-If you really like music now you can go to a several famous orchestras web pages and learn about instruments, composers , musicians that play in the orchestras , play games...



-In this video you can listen and watch the "Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia" , from La Coruña (Spain).