Thursday, October 29, 2015


Today we  were celebrating Halloween and Samain at school and  we  were  making crafts, singing, dancing .... Children wore costumes  and  even the  doors  wore  a  costume!Look at some  of the  results!They are  gorgeous!

These  are  the  doors  made by 6th graders :

           6ºB                                                                                     6ºC 


These  ones were made by 5th graders :


                        5ºC                                                                                                5ºB


 Some of the  5th graders  dancing THE MONSTER MASH during the English class:

 And these  pumpkins .....Aren't they fantastic?

Friday, October 16, 2015


Chegou Halloween , unha época moi divertida. Para que o pasedes ben e aprendades mais ingles aquí tedes vocabulario, xogos , cancións e moito máis.



Now you can watch this video if you want to review the vocabulary :

-Listen the information about Halloween

- And now information about monsters :

-More about Halloween: a book to read

How to trick or treat video : learn about the rules of trick or treat


  • Just to have fun
-Read the story os Ollie's Halloween

Watch the story of "Winnie the witch" in this video:

You can listen or read more Halloween stories if you click the following links:

Now, another story : "By the light of the Halloween moon". Watch the video and read the story at the same time.

-"A dark, dark tale" :

-"Five little pumpkins" story :watch the video.


Have you ever heard about the HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA? Well, here are some clips .

-This is what the story is  about:

- Now , meet the hotel staff.

-And in the next one you can see Dracula  and  his daughter :

-Here is the  human : Jonathan

-And of course in the hotel everybody practice some sports: 

- And this year HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2! :

-This is another trailer  of  HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2

-A Halloween story from Disney Channel:
-"Caillou's Halloween costume" video
-"Donald Trick or Treat" video

-"The flying sorceress": a Tom and Jerry video
-"Clifford, the Big Red Dog Halloween" video
- Watch this video about the best wizard :"Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" video

- Another Harry Potter video : "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"

-"Coreline" : watch the video and "Be careful what you wish for"

-"Monster House": is there any house like this in your neighbourhood?

-Have you ever watched HORRID HENRY? Try this episode . It's called trick or treats:

In this episode Horrid Henry goes to a friend's house . It looks like   a  HAUNTED HOUSE

Here you've got another song for Halloween : CALLING ALL THE MONSTERS by the singer China Anne MacClain.
If you click here you can read the lyrics.
And this is the video :

And here you can learn how to do the dancing:

-The spirit of Halloween song:

-Pumpking song:

-"Knock, knock" song : click to listen the song
-"Knock , knock" lyrics : click to read the song
-"Knock, Knock" video

-"This is Halloween" video ( for 5º and 6º levels , it's scary.)
-Video :"The skeleton dance" song


- Apple Bobbing: watch the video and you can learn how to play:

-Mummy wrap game:

-Spider web toss game:

-Pumpkin Pie: watch the video and learn how to cook a delicious cake:

-Ghost and ghouls:


-How to carve a pumpkin video
-Here you can watch how people decorate pumpkins

-How to draw Frankestein:

-Watch the video to make "an origami cat":

-"How to make a Origami Bat" video :

Click on the sentences below if you wish to do more crafts:

Here you can download the bats if you wish to make this mobile: